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Island Woman, S J Mannion

FictionPosted by editor Tue, August 20, 2013 21:34:26
Reflection on and reaction to Island Woman, S J Mannion.

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Posted by Sue Pace Tue, October 15, 2013 01:18:49

Sorry, I put my comment in the wrong space...but in regards to "Island Woman", I really admire the ability to tell a complete love story from one (the narrative)point of view. Hard to pull off, yet the author did so immaculately.

Posted by Sue Pace Tue, October 15, 2013 01:12:29

Restrained grief is such a difficult emotion to portray...and the author accomplished that by using the context of clashing cultures. Two women, one mourning her husband and the other mourning her culture and both unable to give comfort. Well written.