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Girls and Boys, by Karen Moore

FictionPosted by editor Sat, December 08, 2012 22:21:16
Reaction to and reflection on Girls and Boys, by Karen Moore.

Karen Moore is a full time writer and journalist living in Greater Manchester. She belongs to Womenswrite, a dynamic group of writers, and her work has been published in print magazines in the UK, USA, and Japan as well as online. She has worked as a "phantom blogger" and her first novel is currently in the hands of agents.

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Posted by Sophie Whitley Flavell Sun, February 24, 2013 15:24:03

This bittersweet story offers an insightful glance into both the life of the protagonist, and the ever-present misogyny that continues to invades women's lives. The author successfully employs a voice that demands empathy without sentimentality. Lovely to read.

Posted by Sue Pace Sun, January 06, 2013 00:02:38

I felt so sad reading this and then found a smile of satisfaction on my lips at the ending. Yes, so very many shades of character and such a trip of anger, sadness, hope and curiosity...what WILL her husband think whe she finds a way to r ebuild a life that included a girl...or a boy. That's what good writing can sometimes leave...curiosity.