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The Shill, by Keith Laufenburg

FictionPosted by editor Wed, August 18, 2010 18:44:38
Reflections on and reactions to The Shill.

Keith has been writing for over 30 years and has had numerous poems and short stories published in many literary magazines and journals including, but not limited to: “The Bee” in AIM Magazine; “Wooden Indian” in The Maryland Review and Northern Stars Magazine; “Sonny Liston's Eyes” in Spillway Review; “Muhammad's Revenge” in NuVein and Spoiled Ink; “Peace On Earth” in The Oracular Tree; “Childhood” in Pleaides; “The Gun” in Struggle; “The Blues Act” in The Pink Chameleon; “Scumbag, Scumbag & Scumbag” in OMG Magazine; “The Ketchup Man” in The Whortlebury Press; “Pointman” in Mobius; “Ode to a Revolutionary” in Struggle; “Buffalo Soldier” in Northern Stars Magazine; “Big Mac (with onions)” in The Story Shop; “Reform” in Struggle; “The Good Father” in The Oracular Tree; “The Soul not for Sale” in NuVein; “Unbreakable” in Struggle; “Wildfire” in NuVein; “The Worm” in Northern Stars; “The Snake” in Pleaides; “In the Great State Of” in Struggle; “Liberty City” in The Phoenix Magazine and The Oracular Tree; “Two For the Night” in Down in the Dirt; “We Just Wanna Play” in Struggle; “Life Without” in Struggle; “D.O.A.” in Crimson Rivers; “Leaving L.A.” in The Story Shop.

He has also had 2 novels published “Miami Rock” and “Semper-Fi-Do-or-Die”, both in 2007.

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